1879 Handshaw Diary Group C Digi Pak


This Digi Pak contains 7 pages from my great grandfather Handshaw’s diary that he started in 1879. He was an author, the founder of the first newspaper in Smithtown, NY, and a world traveled stamp collector.

My mother and I spent about a year researching this treasure, figuring out that “& C” or “+C” was an early form of “etc.”. “Branch” refers to The Branch of Smithtown; a particular section of the old Smithtown. My ancestor, “Richard ‘Bull’ Smith” founded the boundaries of Smithtown from the local Indians by riding a bull named “Whisper”. The area he covered in 24 hours was his. Many of my ancestors built the historic buildings/homes in the area.

This group contains one very interesting entry, one of his last legible entries, entitled “Winter of 1888”. Yes, that one; “The Blizzard of 1888”. There were sporadic entries after this and my grandfather made many a notation, including the one you see below the Winter of 1888 entry. Both suffered from dementia so much of what appears after this entry is nonsensical or illegible.


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